Perfecta Moissanite

Our signature perfecta Moissanite, is as beautiful as a real diamond. Ethically sourced, with colors that will amaze, and is 100% moissanite for you.

Perfecta Moissanite is 100% moissanite (SiC), we guarantee that, no dancing around here. Their brilliance and strength place them towards the top of the beauty scale. Costing at a fraction of classically mined diamonds and yet maintaining - and in our opinion improving on the beauty of diamond, Perfecta does not compromise on what makes precious stones so important. While most moissanite stones have an exceedingly strong brilliance, Perfecta Moissanite, gets it just right, with less rainbow colors and better refraction. Which is that they will sparkle and shine for your whole life, and represent your feelings in the perfect way.

- BYOND Jewelry™